In the sibundoy valley, putumayo´s territoty, the Kamsa are living. Another ancestral history that we share in our collections. This community celebrates life, forgiveness and reconciliation every year with a huge party. A huge artistic show that provides a great value to our pieces that are made with their ancestral elements.



Our crowns are an adaptation of the original pieces used in the big day or the forgiveness and joy party, making themselves pieces that take with them our heritage and our ancestrals essence.



Our GRACIA crown is a vibrant and energic piece. Hand lined with cotton threads, it is woven with geometric designs that symbolize the energy of the sun. Unlike the traditional Kamsa crown, ours does not have chumbes, long strips that tells the personal story of each indigenous, this chumbes, are made of wool, threaded with the technique of the guanga, or vertical loom and we used them in other designs from our collection to add some meaning and functionality, as in our hats from the Majayura Collection.



Our CLEMENCIA Crown, is our adaptation and interpretation of the traditional technique with a practical vision and design and easy to wear but with the same symbolic artistic representation that all our products manufactured by the Kamsa community have.



As a brand we live in the constant search of those techniques and craftmen that provides their mystique to our designs, we share with our artists the desire to make their cultures live through our products and we are very happy to find groups like the Kamsa women artistic association El Milagro, 14 women managed by MARIA LUISA, that with her artistic hands weave the pieces that we use to manufacture our crowns; we work with these women for one cause: take the Kamsa culture from the Putumayo to places that it has not arrived.