From the Alta Guajira, the northern tip of Colombia, an indigenous community reinvents their story through their crafts. The wayuu, renown for their woven mochilas and chinchorros, show us now another invaluable treasure: their hats. Woven with isii straw or mawisa, a type of straw which is taken from the Macuira mountain range, a very rare and unique smallforest inside the desert, this hats are our latest collection’s stars.



The Wayuu hat is exclusively woven by men in the Rancherias. The artisans tell their magical stories and world appreciations through the geometry of their weaves performed with the “sarga” or diagonal technique. GARY ALEXANDER is our artisan, he make our hats and weaves our dreams and ideas mixing it with his wayuu traditions. These hands have the gift of a storytelling heritage; and we know the art and technique of millinery, making unique craft pieces with a high market value thanks to the singularity they are made off.



Our designs are one of a kind. We find in the innovation our essence and the creativity is our way to tell in one product different stories, cultures and ancestral techniques. We make pieces as our ISIIDORA hat, woven in Isii straw, we change the characteristic wayuu hat in to a canotier making it oneof a kind and exclusive piece, And as our MAWISA hat, A top hat made in wayuu weave decorated with handmade horsehair flowers, with a technique from Boyacá, making it a sophisticated haute couture piece full of tradition. And all our WAYUU collection: we add fragments of different contemporary techniques and crafts giving the hat a style which differentiates itselffrom others and makes it look like an avant-gardefashion accessory.



Each woven hat made by our guajiran artisan stems from a desire that the wayuu have to show their culture and the beauty of their technique. Each hat has insideit the history of a courageous community, thatstruggles every day against the inclement desertconditions, but never gives up. It exports its richness and magical culture.

Our mission is to show in our collections how Colombian craftsmanship and modern design come together in synergy in the contemporary and traditional designs of Margarita Diaz Del Castillo Millinery.



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