At the colombian caribbean zone is located Usiacurí, a full of culture and tradition town that was founded 480 years ago by the Mocana Indigenous tribe. It is one of the most important artisan and cultural places known in that zone of the country. Their colorfull crafts, woven on Iraca straw, are the inheritance of a technique taught through generations.



The artisan DAISY MARQUEZ is our weaver, her dedication and love for the crafts she does, is the reason we trust her our ideas and inspiration to get weave with the technique she learned watching her mother at the age of ten. The magic on the craft she does is about how she put on a piece diferent colors, stitches and figures.

Usiacuri is an artisan town, but the principal material for the carft work, the iraca, is not a typical type of straw in that zones, so the artisans has to bring it from Sandona, a Nariño state town.



Our LUPITA, CIELO AND GLORIA crowns, are a sample of the fusión between an artisan technique and our avant-garde visión of the products we elaborate as brand. We use different types of stitches as nudillo, flor de paja, mimbre and estrellita, wich give the crowns multiple textures and shapes, turning them in to a trend accessory with a sense of style and originality.



The use of the handcrafted basketry of Usiacurí, in accessories and fashion complements, is today a world-class trend. Different objects are part of the latest collections of great Colombian designers, who, like Margarita Diaz del Castillo Millinery, have rescued a technique with an unequaled quality that had remained in the cultural memory of the Colombian Caribbean. A majestic technique that enhances a legacy of traditions and artistic manifestations of this area of the country.


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