Our collaboration with various indigenous Colombiancultures and crafts techniques, stems from our desire to find genuine artisans, who add love and mystique on every piece they make. Colombia is a country rich in its diversity. Each zone of the country each has a distinct culture.. The weather, fauna and flora shapethe artisan’s story in each community. We have traveled across the country looking for techniques that complement our designs, and people who add value to our pieces.



The Embera Chami or “people from the mountain range”, lived in community at Colombian Andeanzones. They were the first ethnic group that Margarita Diaz Del Castillo Millinery worked with to change the conception of contemporary millinery, adding traditional details and craft pieces on her designs.

This culture has its origin in Risaralda, a Colombianstate. Their incomparable craftwork with chaquiras is well known. For them, their graphic representations responds to a concrete need of symbolizing the world as they seen it. From animals, plants, to supernatural entities and Gods. The chaquiras are the instrumentthey use to tell their life stories, their legacy and ancestral world.



Their stories and their exceptional work with chaquiras on our flowers, pearls and geometric figures, are the inspiration for our products as Fiorella and Carmen crowns. These are contemporary and luxury pieces,which help us to discover the ethnic and cultural legacy of a country.

The size and colour combination on the chaquiras craftwork adds meaning to each woven piece. From our perspective this creates a pieces that combine align with our avant-garde designs to add value and create one of a kind pieces. The artists work on each piece and we create a luxury export product with the essence of the magical hands that interwoven ancestral stories.



SAUL and DIANA GUASIRUMA, are the artisans that created the flowers and figures we use in our work. Our mission is to tell through our products the magic of a diverse country and the stories of the indigenous.


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