On a pintoresque land where a lot of Colombian crafts are made, we found an interesting technique. The artisans, their detail job they do and the particularity of this technique make us to fall in love of it. Flowers and petals fine executed stitch by stitch, hand made with HORSEHAIR.



Discover that; a singular technique as this one, live in our country and nobody know about it, make us to rescue it and find this unique pieces to complement our disegins, and became of our products an authentique craft heritage.



The process with the horse hair is artistic since the very moment that it is cut, going through several processes as washed and dye of the fibers with natural inks as carrot, beet, and other herbs giving the horse hair brilliant colors, the ones that we use to combine our hats and head pieces.



The making of each flower stitch by stitch, takes ROSA, our artisan, six hours, it takes a lot of time to make pieces like our crowns CHINCHIN and EDEN, new pieces that cheer up each one of your looks.



Our hats and fascinators are artistic pieces designed with the detail that requires an element that decorates your head, we think in all and we include all our love in our making, we also look for all the special elements that gives our products authenticity making them different and exclusive.

Handicrafts like these and much more that are manufactured in BOYACÁ, make us love to share our ideas with so talented and excellent workers that provide a huge value to our brand.


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