Boyaca, an innovation in crafts.

On a pintoresque land where a lot of Colombian crafts are made, we found an interesting technique. The artisans, their detail job they do and the particularity of this technique make us to fall in love of it. Flowers and petals fine executed stitch by stitch, hand made with HORSEHAIR.     Discover that; a … Continue Reading

Embera Chami, a way to symbolize the world through chaquiras.

Our collaboration with various indigenous Colombiancultures and crafts techniques, stems from our desire to find genuine artisans, who add love and mystique on every piece they make. Colombia is a country rich in its diversity. Each zone of the country each has a distinct culture.. The weather, fauna and flora shapethe artisan’s story in each … Continue Reading

Wayuu hat, desert’s oasis.

From the Alta Guajira, the northern tip of Colombia, an indigenous community reinvents their story through their crafts. The wayuu, renown for their woven mochilas and chinchorros, show us now another invaluable treasure: their hats. Woven with isii straw or mawisa, a type of straw which is taken from the Macuira mountain range, a very … Continue Reading

Usiacuri, a vibrant colors story.

At the colombian caribbean zone is located Usiacurí, a full of culture and tradition town that was founded 480 years ago by the Mocana Indigenous tribe. It is one of the most important artisan and cultural places known in that zone of the country. Their colorfull crafts, woven on Iraca straw, are the inheritance of a technique taught through … Continue Reading

Traveling Colombia through their straws.

In our search for finding materials and techniques that perfectly complement our designs and also grant them an ethnique and cultural artisan value, we have traveled most of our country. This tour has filled us with experiences and led us to understand that Colombia is a very diverse territory with a great variety of materials … Continue Reading